Saturday 22 June, 11am & 2pm
Start at Toynbee Studios, Commercial Street

Join Rebecca Beinart and Pete Harrison on a contemplative journey through the back streets and secret gardens of East London to explore herbal folklore and hidden histories. Gathering plants along the way, you will be guided towards a performance in the heart of the city to extract a potent potion.

This event is part of Artsadmin’s Two Degrees festival: a week of art and activism, climate and cuts, taking place from 12-18 June 2011.

For more information and booking please visit the festival website.

Champagne and Cyanide
Sunday 22 May 2011

A day with herbalist Melissa Ronaldson exploring the folklore, medicinal and practical applications of the Elder tree (Sambucus nigra), known as the ‘poor man’s pharmacy’.

This is a hands-on medicine-making session that explores all parts of the plant through folklore and science: from the champagne-yielding flowers, the anti-viral and immunostimulating berries, to the leaves and bark that contain a cyanide-producing compound that may be responsible for its pain relieving properties.

Location: Secret location by the River Lea

Booking essential – limited numbers. Please contact or on 0207 247 5102 for more information

This event is part of Rebecca Beinart’s Potion project for the Two Degrees Festival. Investigating plants that occupy the edge between ‘medicine’ and ‘poison’, Potion explores the delicate balance between a substance that can support health and life, or cause illness and death, depending on dosage. Potion invites you to consider questions of potency, knowledge, power and healing; and the notion of a tipping point which depends fundamentally on a deeper understanding of the living world.
For more information and future events please see the Artsadmin website.


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